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We all know that operating on only a couple hours of sleep each night is bad for us. It leaves us sluggish and we have a harder time focusing at work and in our daily lives. But what does it really do to your body? Check out dangers of not getting enough sleep below.

Lack of Sleep Infographic: Sleep or Die

“Death By Burpee”

With a continuously running clock do one burpee

the first minute, two burpees the second minute,

three burpees the third minute… continuing as

long as you are able.

  1. Jane Reply
    Coach. good stuff about sleep and rest. CF Journal had a nice article on June 6, as well. All I have to do is find a few more hours in the day. Melo. I recall that Coach Glassman had some early videos in which he said what Rob O was saying. Bottom line, if you want to go faster and/or heavier, at some point you will have to sacrifice technique.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Barry and Detective, how appropriate !!!
  3. Barry Reply
    Stretch, you have no idea what long periods of little sleep that is broken up into even smaller phases does to your brain and body. It is really frightening. The point about being legally drunk hits home. There are times I have been driving to or from working thinking about how unsafe it was for me to be on the road. Not falling asleep at the wheel but the lack of concentration and slow or nonexistent reflexes. Further, I know that the only thinkg holding me back from the body composition that I have been chasing for two years is sleep. Unfortunately, for myself as well as detective, the solution is not in our hands. Eventually, the kids will get older and be more self sufficient. The question remains, can the damage we endure be undone? I assume that by avoiding death by burppees, there is still hope. Although, part of me wants to do this WOD which could be a symptom of my sleep deprivation. Clearly I am slightly crazy.
    • Ron Reply
      Barry, Well said my friend. Coach must have the box bugged. LOL
  4. carl Reply
  5. Barry Reply
    Well played Professor
  6. Barry Reply
    I just re-read my post. It is the worst editing job I have done in a long time. My apologies to all of the teachers of CFH.
  7. Joey Reply
    Death by burpees.....sucksssssssssss
  8. carl Reply
    Barristo/McGarrett. the good thing about sleep deprivation when your kids are young is that you only remember the good experiences when they grow up.
  9. carl Reply
    Melo. in the Lecture Clip section of Exercises and Demos on the Mainsite, check out Question and Answer, Coach Glassman, and Question and Answer Part 2, Coach Glassman. great stuff. corroborates Rob Orlando.

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