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For Time

400 Meter Run(2)

21 CTB Pull-up

21 Push Press #95 #65

800 Meter Run(4)

15 CTB Pull-up

15 Push Press

1000 Meter Run (6)

9 CTB Pull-up

9 Push Press

  1. Melo Reply
    Boy!!! So glad I worked in extra mobility after today's WOD, noon for me will be a bruiser- can't wait !!!
  2. Joey Reply
    Keep killing it, Melo! Miss you guys and gals at 10am/12pm. I will be back in about 6 weeks and believe me I am counting the days! Tell the Yardley ladies I said whatsuppppp!!
  3. Jane Reply
    Great picture of Melo on the main site today! Enlarge the group shot of the Crossfit Kids cert in Morristown and you will see him in the back standing tall!!
  4. Barry Reply
    I spy Mrs. Professor in that same picture.
  5. Melo Reply
    Yes she was!! CFK's was a blast , Joey I got you Did anyone get to see today's CFJ video W/ Rob Orlando? What do you think? Wheels off or on?
  6. Alison Reply
    So it is Jane and Melo that are now CF kids certified? Only the kindest and best crossfitters around. Get that class up and running-I have three that will be first on the list!! Congrats guys, you are going to make it great! Joey, I can't believe that you are wasting your time on an internship when I need you there to give me some more great tips. 6 weeks is way to long! Where are your priorities?!?
  7. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Joey coached us tonight. He is awesome :)

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