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Greg Push Jerk 3RM #275

” Nancy “

Run 400 Meter

15 Overhead Squat #95 #65

  1. carl Reply
    Awesome, Greg. Keep up the great work.
  2. Carl Reply
    Everyone at CFH is Invited! Please join Jane and me on Sunday, June 17, to bid bon voyage to Major Timothy O'Donnell who's moving to the Washington, DC, area after July 4. The event will begin at 3pm at our home in Cranbury, NJ. Please contact me by email ( or speak to me or Jane at the gym for our address and directions.
  3. Donk Reply
    Well lattee friggin da. Getting a little sick of Greg's PR's. Greg can Snatch 210#. Greg can Jerk 275# 3 times. Big deal pal. You know what, I can Deadlift 275#...... like 6 times, so who's the big man now bud? Great work bro, keep it up.
  4. Greg P Reply
    Sorry, Donk. Ok, no more PRs! Hope the knee is healing well. We miss you at the gym, buddy.
  5. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Great job Greg. Donk, haven't seen you in forever Hopefully will see you at the pool party
  6. Melo Reply
    Friggin solid !!

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