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PR Friday’s!!  Post to comments if you PR’d

recently.   What movement, lift, or benchmark

did you improve on and what helped you to get


Clean Demo

” Badger “

3 Rounds For Time

30 Squat Clean #95 #65

30 Pull-ups

800 Meter Run (4 laps)

  1. Debbie Migneco Reply
    Hit a PR on my front squat (by 20 lbs)! Reason why? Focused on form, technique, and hearing Coach telling me that I could do it (even though my brain wasn't so sure)! :)
  2. kathy Reply
    PR on the front squat for me too!!! I echo the reason of focusing on form and motivation from all. (channelling of some negative energy helped a bit too!) So I decided to see what all the talk about was with the "bulletproof coffee" this morning. I'm in guys! Tried it with a dash of cinnamon and it was like dessert! YUM!
  3. Melo Reply
    Front Squat,3 rep HVY @225-reason? Focusing more on the High Bar back squat and coach saying" 225-do it" ( based on my numbers, got to have your numbers....)
  4. Bitsy Reply
    Can someone fill me in on the bullet proof coffee? I am not familiar but it sounds very appealing. What are the ingredients? Where do you get them? What's the recipe?
  5. Greg P Reply
    Took me over four months, but I finally set a new PR for Clean & Jerk 1RM. Had been stuck at 275# since 1/27/12, but then yesterday I finally broke though. Twice in fact. Hit 280# and then 285# right after that. Also set a second new PR yesterday for Front Squat 2RM at 305#. That one was also a 10# jump.
  6. Debbie Migneco Reply
    I wanted to share my appreciation to Melo as well, for helping me to hit those PRs, for he is always there to provide helpful tips and the encouragement along with Coach. Such inspiration to come to class each day (and fight through the tough stuff)! Thanks Coach and Melo!!
  7. Alison Reply
    I just realized that I took someone's WOD book today-I will drop it back on Monday AM when I am in again. Sorry! Have a great weekend.

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