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A1. 21-15-9

Power Clean #135 #95

CTB Pull-ups

A2.  Tabata Front Planks 30:10 X 8

A3.  Tabata Hollow Rocks 20:10 X 8

  1. Barry Reply
    So this bullet proof coffee is pretty good. That is unless you are required to sit at a desk and work all day. Can anyone advise when I will come down off the ceiling? Typing upside down is quite the effort.
  2. Carl Reply
    Dude. is it that good? will have to try it. Coach. Will the weekend schedule change due to the holiday? Inquiring minds would like to know if Friday, Saturday and Monday will be modified. thanks.
  3. Carl Reply
    Joey. just catching up on FB and loved your Glenn Pendlay post, esp the end: I am just in general pissed off that our modern society is so determined to dig our own graves with our spoons and forks. i am pissed that shitty unhealthy food is so cheap and convenient and available everywhere. I am pissed that every child grows up on a steady diet of TV commercials pitching them shitty food that will probably eventually kill them. So yeah, I’m just pissed." Digging our own graves with our spoons and forks. What a great billboard that would make.
  4. Joey Reply
    The comments are very funny also, Carl. Barry--- bulletproof coffee is the only thing getting me through this long miserable internship that I just started on Monday... Really reiterates the fact that I must do something I love in life....

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