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A1.  For Time

500 Meter Row

21 Db Ground to Overhead #45 #35

300 Meter Row

15 Db Ground to Overhead

100 Meter Row

9 Db Ground to Overhead

A2.  FLR on Rings 5 minutes.

  1. Linda Cuilla Reply
    It was nice to join the morning crew today. I'm tired now and need a nap. Don't know how you guys get up so early, but so glad I went.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Linda - Glad you joined us, i made sure i was on my best behavior this morning !! Stop in again
  3. Carl Reply
    Welcome Linda, Greg and Drew this morning! Great job by regular M-Crew and new recruits alike! Especially happy that Stretch was well-behaved.
  4. Stretch Reply
    It was nice to have a "full" crowd this morning, maybe people thought it was the 6pm class instead of 6am !!!
  5. Craig Reply
    A co-worker of mine trains at CF Manyunk. They/she is featured today on the main site demonstrating today's WOD. We need to get CFH up there.
  6. tights Reply
    3 brave souls joined the 6AM crew today. Great work Linda, Greg and Drew! As soon as they get their official nicknames, they can get to work dispelling those myths about the Morning Crew.
  7. Kathy Cary Reply
    How come you're not on your best behavior when I'm there in the morning????
  8. Joey Reply
    awesome! Craig we can definitely do that especially with your film taking abilities!
  9. Carl Reply
    Craig, CF Manayunk video definitely worth watching
  10. Stretch Reply
    Kathy I think i've been on my best behavior when you've been there :)
  11. Craig Reply
    The CF Manyunk team qualified for regionals as the 28th of 30 teams in only their 1st year as an affiliate. The video crew from CF contacted them to do a video on "Rookies" in the regionals, and while they were there they asked them to do a WOD. 5 weeks later they posted that WOD along with the video. Side note: CF Manyunk moved up 12 places to finish 16th in the Atlantic Division.

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