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This is a little late but here is the PR from Greg’s

Front Squat last week!!  Enjoy!

” Lynne “

5 Rounds

Max Reps Bench Press @ Bodyweight

Max Reps Pull-ups

** Pull-ups can be strict or kip.  Rest 5 minutes

between rounds.

Deload Day 3

A1.  Foam Roll/Mobility 20 Mins.

A2.  Back Squat 3 X 5 @ 50%

A3.  Skin the Cats 4 X 3

A4.  Turkish Get-ups 50 reps

A5.  Flexibility 10 mins.

  1. Carl Reply
    Nice job, G-Man! also saw JOey's vid on FB. Both of you, keep up the great work.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Since Timmy is "resting" for the Tough Mudder, i'll take over and post what i learned this morning 1.) Prince likes early 90s music videos choreographed dance moves and loves his middle name 2.) Barry could have a second career as a voice over for adult films 3.) Tights wishes he could be a jockey BTW. awesome video Greg, that was impressive !!!!
  3. Barry Reply
    I have no response
  4. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Favorite quote of the day from Coach after today's WOD - "you girls better wash your hair tonight" :)

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