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If anyone is interested in a pre order for some custom t-shirts by Reebok as well as custom shorts for both men and women by 2pood please post to comments section or let me know at the gym.  I believe there is a certain quantity that is required to order so we need atleast 30 for both to make it happen.

A1.  Clean & Jerk.  20 Minutes.  Work up to 80%

A2.  ” Grace ” 30 Clean & Jerks for time.

A3.  100 Scissor kicks

Deload Day 2

A1.  Foam Roll/Mobility 20 Minutes

A2.  Deficit DL 2 X 20 #85 #55

A3.  Row 2,000 Meters

A4.  Flexibility 10 minutes

  1. Craig Reply
    Hey Dave- I'll order a shirt or two. Possibly a pair of the shorts.
  2. Melo Reply
    2 shorts and 2 T's
  3. Dawn Reply
    I will take 1 shirt, 1 shorts...thanks!
  4. Greg P Reply
    Count me in for some gear.
  5. Jules Reply
    I will get somethin thanks!

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