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Deload/Rest Phase:  Anyone that has been training at least 3 or more days a week for the last 6 to 8 weeks is recommended to deload or rest this week.  the phase starts today and ends on Saturday.  The deload wods will be given throughout the week for you to either complete them at the gym or at home.  Note that this is active rest and you should be focused on rehabbing any nagging injuries, improving flexibility and mobility as well as performing supplemental strength work to help you get ready for the next phase.


A1.  For Time

30 Deadlifts #275 #205

1000 Meter Run

30 Bar Facing Burpee

A2.  3 X Max TTB @ 2 mins rest.


A1.  Foam Roll/Mobility 20 minutes.

A2.  Shoulder Scapular Retraction Drills

A3.  Skin the Cats 3 X 3

B1.  50 Turkish Get-ups #26 #15

C1.  Flexibility Focus 10 minutes.

  1. Carl Reply
    ATTENTION FELLOW CFH MEMBERS: Anyone interested in a unique, once a year Crossfit challenge with The Morning Crew, please set aside Friday, June 22 on your busy schedules. WOD: 18 holes of golf LOCATION: Princeton Country Club (rated the worst course in the area by avid local golfers) BEWARE, Stretch's trash talk has already begun.... Is he truly the best golfer at CFH? You got to buy in to find out. (Note: The golf outing benefits the Princeton High School Football Program, please contact Coach Carl for details.)
    • Greg P Reply
      Ohhhh boy...I might need in on this. It will mostly depend on the timing though, as I have a friend's wedding to attend that same evening.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Greg - It's in the am, so that may work for you
  3. Timmy OD Reply
    Things I learned with the morning crew: 1) You can indeed add weight mid-WOD (Holy Crap Prince!!!) 2) There are some very special vacation spots out there, the meek and prudish need not apply 3) Running just a tad over a half mile after 30 Deadlifts is the opposite of fun (enjoy this one boys and girls) 4) Stretch's flexibility continues to be freaky.
  4. Barry Reply
    Timmy, you were running this morning?
    • Timmy OD Reply
      Low blow Barry, low Blow; at least I managed to keep you from lapping me.
  5. Barry Reply
    Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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