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Every Monday I will try to announce some of

the previous weeks notable PR’s!!

Dawn – Push Press 1RM 135

Jules – 30 Muscle ups

Miriam – Back Squat 1RM 200

Nick – Push Press 1RM 225

Joey – Front Squat 1RM 315

Greg – Front Squat 1RM 315

Back Squat 3RM 335

Snatch 1RM 210

Great job everyone!!  If I have missed any other

PR’s during last weeks training please post to

comments section.

A1.  Front Squat 5-5-5

A2. Superset Good Morn. 2×15/Db one arm DL 2×20

B1.  4 sets of work to rest ratio.

1 Min Max Wall Ball Shots

1 Minute Max Double Unders

1 Minute Rest.

  1. Donk Reply
    Big, Big, Big numbers boys and girls. Was that a rest week for you Greg? Only 3 PR's. Let's get with the program. 210 is a huge santch bro, nice work!
  2. Sam N Reply
    Awesome job everybody!
  3. Melo Reply
    Peaking season!! Jules ,30 MU-I remember you flapping around the rings determined to get 1 MU,now 30!!! Amazing .... Nice job everyone
  4. Greg P Reply
    Thanks, Donk! I was really excited about that 210#, as I'd been struggling with that movement a lot lately. Extremely excited about everyone else's progress as well. Even for the people not up on the PR list today, I have seen a ton of improvement in Olympic lifting technique and overall strength. Keep up the great work!
  5. Karin Reply
    Nick--I am very happy to report that I will be joining you at 6 am on Friday morning ( I know you are excited too)--get ready to chat! Congrats to everyone on their PR's--great job! Karin
  6. tights Reply
    Who do you congratulate first? Great work everyone! 30 MU? 135 & 225 Push Press? 315 FS? 210 Snatch? Now I see why Coach picked up a set of 100# DBs. 30 MU. That's insane.
  7. Jules Reply
    Congrats to everyones PR! Greg wow really killin it!

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