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Coaches Notes: New to the programming are 2-3 days a week before or part of the wods dedicated to the olympic lifts.  they are specifically designed around percentages and to stay light enough so that you can work on the skill and technique of the movement.  That being said stop trying to be a meathead and 1 REP MAX everything.  If you do this you will not progress, and wonder why the person next to you that’s half your size is lifting 3 times the amount of weight you are.  Also cheating in workouts!!  Not cool dude!!  Not using correct range of motion is one thing but cheating reps is another, and trust me if you cheat I know about it.  Remember part of my job is to watch you work out.  What’s not my job is to pick up after you!  Don’t just put the rower back up, or throw the kettle bell under the bench, or leave your cups, and 2 and 1/2 pound plates so I can pick them up.  The dumbbells are actually supposed to be a certain way so don’t just throw it against the wall.  Again I know who you are because I know who uses the 10’s, 20’s 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.  Were moving into a much bigger and much nicer place very soon with hopefully nicer things so this worries me a little.  Sorry, but yes, this does put me in a bad mood, only a few simple rules, please try to follow them.


A1.  ” Diane “


Deadlift #225 #155


B1.  GHD Sit-ups 3 X 20

B2.  Scapular Retraction Drills 5 mins

  1. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Yikes I did leave my cup on the 45 lb weight stack. Sorry
  2. carl Reply
    dang, Coach. how did you catch me again?
  3. Danielle Reply
    You're right, Coach. We'll do better. PS- The programing has been really great. My form and lifts have improved because of it. Thanks!
  4. carl Reply
    btw, excellent mainsite wod demo today. Barry, Joe, et al -- good pointers on deadlifting.

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