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I want to thank Paul from Harvest Routes for stopping by last night with some product.  He will be in again tonight at 5 before class so if you haven’t gotten the chance to meet him or sign up for the harvest routes program stop in and do so.

With the additions of more olympic weightlifting technique and gymnastics to our program I am really starting to see the benefits.  Along with these additions the program will have more systematic efforts meaning now more then ever you should be recording your workouts.  CrossFit is random but in my opinion to establish true progression we need more consistency with our lifts and skills.  I will also be balancing our training vs. testing a little better so if you haven’t seen that bechmark in a while get ready.  Last but not least there will be built in deloading phases along with our regular programing.  whether your a beginner or you have been crossfitting for 3 years if you train 3 or more times a week and are consistent with our program the rest cycle will automatically be set for you and give you workouts to do.  The tough part is can you make yourself rest!!

A1.  Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

A2.  Good Morning 3 X 15

B1.  KB One Arm Single Leg Deadlift 2 X 20 #53 #35

  1. Jules Reply
    Thanks Dawn and Linda! Just saw comments now- too busy drinking wine to celebrate!!
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