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A1. For Time

10 Muscle Up

5 Clean & Jerk #205 #145

8 Muscle Up

4 Clean & Jerk

6 Muscle Up

3 Clean & Jerk

4 Muscle Up

2 Clean & Jerk

2 Muscle Up

1 Clean & Jerk

** Muscle Up Sub = 3 Pull-up + 3 Ring Dips.

B1. Alternating Tabata 20:10 X 12 (6 rds. each)

Hollow Rocks/Supermans

  1. Stretch Reply
    Thanks Carl for the great coaching today, couldn't have gotten through this WOD without it !!
  2. Carl Reply
    you did all the work, brother. great job!
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    This is what I've been missing? Sheesh. And I'm serioiusly shocked that none of you mentioned Kristy McNichol on Battle of the network stars. Apparently the record holder gets no respect.
  4. Stretch Reply
    Tabata - I've been trying to keep up the entertainment, but i usually ending up talking to myself.
  5. Joe Tabata Reply
    Ha, you usually do a good job. You just need somebody to be your Ed McMahon. I'm volunteering.
  6. carl Reply
    we miss you, Johnny. Mike says you are even MIA from golf. what's going on?
  7. Dawn Reply
    Jules, you were sooooo amazing tonite!! So happy for you!!
  8. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Jules, I could not stop watching you do those muscle ups. You are so awesome

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