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Reminder!!  Today is the pickup for Harvest

Routes between 5 and 7pm.

I would like to try and host a mobility workshop

for CFH members that will take place on a

Tuesday night.  The workshop is by Jeff Clancy

and his team at Complete Health & Chiropractic

in Lawrenceville.  I was thinking something small

before the wod or after and if all goes well we

could do a series of them over the course of

the month.  Please post to comments section if

this is something you would be interested in.  Once

I get some commitments I will try and set a date.

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

  1. Carl Reply
    God knows I need more mobility, Coach. count me in.
  2. Dawn Reply
    I would love a mobility workshop....thanks!
  3. Kevin Reply
    A mobility workshop would be very helpful.
  4. Sam Reply
    Count me in....
  5. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Yes I would like to do this as well
  6. Barry Reply
    Would love to attend but would be unable to get there until 700pm. So, I am in if it is later.
  7. Paula Reply
    I would try to make it to the workshop
  8. Miriam Reply
    Im interested in the mobility workshop.
  9. Jen Reply
    I'm interested. My schedule should open up after baseball/softball season. Thank you.
  10. Timmy OD Reply
    I'm in

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