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20 Minute Amrap.

5 Hang Power Snatch #95 #65

10 Kb Swing #53 #35

5 H-Release Push-up

10 Box Jump #24 #20

  1. Carl Reply
    Get fired up all over again about Crossfit, watch the Crossfit Thin Air video from Saturday on great stuff.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Great to be back. Awesome WOD to get me motivated !!! Thanks Carl !!!
  3. Linda Cuilla Reply
    I haven't done anything in two days. Drank and ate way too much this weekend. Can't wait to go tonight
  4. Carl Reply
    great job, Stretch, and the rest of today's Morning Crew -- Lindsay, Ron, Patrick, Andrew, and Greg. good way to come off a holiday weekend with a burner like this one.

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