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Everyone who signed up for the Harvest Routes you can now log on and subscribe!  Paul from Harvest Routes will most likely be stopping by next week to introduce some samples and would like to meet everyone.


Schedule Update!!  I will be out for the rest of this week and along with Coach Nick and Coach Carl I have asked some of our most experienced athletes and leaders to help out as well.  Carmelo, Dawn, Kevo, Greg, and Joey are going to be helping out with coaching and leading the groups as well as keeping the CFH train running strong.  They’re all very experienced and are there to help if you have any questions or concerns.  Please show them the respect that you show the other coaches and I.  To you veteran crossfitters please work together and help our new athletes.  If you have been at CFH for a while now you know who our new members are so make sure you go up to them and ask if they need any help whether it be with the warm-up or the workout.  And of course you know I’m gonna bring up keeping it tight!!  I mean the gym!!  Please pick up after yourself and keep the gym clean.  Finally if you are an athlete that I program separately for please email or text me with any questions you have about scaling or programing.


For Time

200 Meter Run

30 H- Release Push-ups

200 Meter Run

30 TTB

200 Meter Run

30 Box Jumps #24 #20 (Games Standard)

200 Meter Run

30 KBS #53 #35 (Games Standard)

200 Meter Run

30 Wall Ball Shots #20 #14 (Women to 9ft.)

200 Meter Run

30 Burpees

Skill Work:  Tabata Superman Holds

  1. carl Reply
    another excellent K Starr mobility video today on the CF Journal. worth your time to watch it.
  2. Karin Reply
    Thanks to Greg and Melo for this morning--I really enjoyed having both of you coach me!
    • Greg P Reply
      Thanks, Karin! I appreciate that. You guys made it easy for us. Great job today!
  3. Danielle Reply
    Not to worry Coach, we will take good care of the box and each other. I will personally make sure that we keep the chalk tight. Sending LOTS of positive thoughts your way :)
  4. Prince Hendrix Reply
    great work out..
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