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Sprint Ladder

Every Min. on the Min. complete the following.

2 X 10 Meters

2 X 20 Meters

2 X 30 Meters

2 X 40

2 X 50

2 X 60

2 X 70

2 X 80

2 X 90

2 X 100

** You must complete each distance and be back at

the start line before the minute expires.

  1. coach Reply
    Love it when I post a wod and no body shows up. Thought you guys liked running? Wait does this mean you would rather do heavy squats? Or maybe you all got your speed work in yesterday. We'll now I know what to do when I want a day off.
  2. Alison Reply
    It is because we came at 6, everyone was too depressed to come to the 10. That's why. Have a great weekend everybody!
  3. Debbie Migneco Reply
    Thought you had enough of me this week Coach...I spared you another day! (The WOD definitely looked interesting though).
  4. Danielle Reply
    I swear I'll do it tomorrow Coach! I'm so mad I can't get there today. Apparently I've been neglecting my non-crossfit friends ... the nerve!! Happy Friday everyone :)
  5. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Loved the sprint ladder - much harder than I thought. CFH kicked my A$$ this week.
  6. craig Reply
    I actually stole this WOD and used it as my lesson plan for my 7th grade PE class today. They hated it, I loved it. See you guys tomorrow.

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