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100 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

100 Sit-ups

100 Squats

  1. Beth Reply
    Is anyone alive from the morning crew after this workout? Just checking...;)
  2. Stretch Reply
    Morning Crew alive and well 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 = A lot good luck to all who's tackling this beast !!
  3. Barry Reply
    Beth we are alive despite some interesting side effects. Tights' hair got longer and darker during the workout. Stretch did finish before tax season was over despite taxes being due yesterday and Jumper's car changed from a VW to a Honda after her alarm went off for no reason in the middle of the WOD. Strange morning indeed.
  4. Carl Reply
    M.C. had to dig down deep, but they found what they needed. impressive performances by all.
  5. tights Reply
    Barry - I would have enjoyed a strength day. No longer wishing for METCONs on my 3 days/week. 1PM, still fatigued.... Who's Jumper?
  6. Linda Cuilla Reply
    I'm very scared and excited at the same time to do this WOD at 5:30 tonight :)
  7. Barry Reply
    Linda it is not bad if you are looking to get a new car or grow and change the color of your hair. Tights - I hear you loud and clear. Pounding tea in an effort to stay awake. I believe I actually just tried to divorce myself from myself by accident. Luckily I do not practice matrimonial law so I only changed my name to Meta-World Crossfit. The impact of fatigue is unpredictable. Sarah is the artist formerly known as Jumper.

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