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A1.  15 Minutes to work Snatch technique.  You

can work squat, power, hang, and balance just

don’t go over 80% of your 1RM.

A2.  12 Minute Amrap.

40 Wall Ball Shots #20 #14

20 Power Cleans #135 #95

  1. Stretch Reply
    I love working on the snatch !!!
  2. Stretch Reply
    Ok guys, i think i have the ultimate idea. For any of us old enough do you guys remember "Battle of the Network Stars"? Back when there was 3 networks, they would compete in different challenges to earn points, and the team with the most points would win. Why not have the Morning Crew vs 10am-12 vs Night Train in the Battle of the CFH stars. We could compete in a competition, not each person would compete in every event, each team would select the best in each event. i think it sounds cool, then after it's over we could just get sloppy drunk. Thoughts, i think it's intriguing but i've been working too many hours, so i could be crazy
  3. Stretch Reply
    Obviously we would need Coach's approval :)
  4. Dawn Reply
    Oh boy, showing our age here Stretch! I, for one, couldn't wait for the battle each week to see which of my fave celebs would be participating in these exceptional feats of physical prowess....Farrah, Linda Carter, Lou Ferrigno, Telly Savalas...and Howard Cosell was announcing...classic stuff there! I am in, but only if we sport the classic sports attire worn by them each week!
  5. Dawn Reply
    wait, it wasn't each week, it was like twice a yr...then there was sonny bono, jimmy walker, mackenzie phillips, bruce jenner, suzanne somer, leif garrett, adrienne barbeau...classics!!!
  6. Greg P Reply
    I have no idea what you two are talking about, so all I keep picturing is American Gladiators.
  7. Stretch Reply
    - Dawn i was young but i can remember the obstacle course and then the tug-of-war at the end. i alwasy rooted for ABC, i don't know why. - Greg, go to you tube, type in Battle of the Network Stars, it will clue you in. it was awesome TV, Howard Cosell, didn't get bigger than that back in late 70s early 80s
  8. Barry Reply
    Adrienne Barbeau? Dy-no-mite! Dawn, please try to extract yourself from the Stretch vortex before it is too late.
  9. tights Reply
    Barry - I think Stretch is just trying to get the morning crew into '70s short shorts and high tube socks...
  10. Barry Reply
    if that is the case he should just ask.
  11. Stretch Reply
    i just see this as a great hard day of competing and then a party afterwards. but i am up for short shorts, and tube socks, with those awesome colors at the top. i'm there. i also am calling foul on the vortex comment.
  12. Barry Reply
    What foul? So sensitive at the end of tax season...
  13. Stretch Reply
    Stretch thinks that he is wrongfully accused of his prior acts
  14. Margo Reply
    YES! We've talked about something like this before but never made it happen. It should definitely wait until the fall... mainly because Coach has to focus on Regionals, the new place, and whether he may/may not compete in rowing this summer... (it has nothing to do with the fact that I won't be able to participate until Septemberish.) Regardless, it should happen. They should also bring back the battles and screw Dancing with the Stars!
  15. Stretch Reply
    Stretch makes things happen. he will ponder and come up with a game plan

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