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Gymnastic skills have been added to the mix recently.  I know classes are usually scheduled for an hour and with all the warm-up talk and workouts, adding skills sometimes takes a back seat.  Every class is different the 6am crew has to be out early, the 10am and 12noon classes most of the time have to wait 5 minutes because some jerk just can’t get to class on time.  The night train comes an hour early and I literally have to kick them out.  Bottom line try to work on these skills as much as possible,  I will be adding them more often along with barbell gymnastics.  The programming for the gym is going to get a little more complex.  Olympic weightlifting will be added frequently along with a heavier dose of gymnastics.  Remember these workouts are programmed and prescribed at a high level so that everyone can progress, and if we don’t make them challenging then our advanced athletes will not get better.


For Time

10 Deadlifts #315 #225

20 Burpees

30 Box Jumps #36 #28

20 Burpees

10 Deadlifts

Skill:  5 mins.  FLR on Rings.

  1. Timmy OD Reply
    Things we learned this morning: 1) I am the reason we can't have nice things at the box, but coach informed me that all the walls in the new box are brick as to avoid what happened yesterday morning. 2) Iron Matt is not the most observant of folks 3) The CFH Pool party will undoubtedly be an interesting night, especially depending on which Stretch decides to show up (I,II, or III) 4) Coach knows that he has a potential fall back career if this whole "Crossfit thing" doesn't work out. 5) A member of the Yardley crew's significant other is going to a "steak house" in "THE CITY" today for dinner. Happy Easter everyone.
  2. tights Reply
    Timmy- I'm sure Barry has done extensive research to find the most appropriate crossfit sneaker with a non-marking outer sole. I never realized how important it was to ensure that your sneakers don't leave a mark, but apparently it's very important. - tights
  3. Stretch I & IV Reply
    Things i learned this morning - Mornings stink without CFH !!

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