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In my experience as a coach and crossfitter the two deciding factors with the inability to perform highly skilled or technical movements is the athletes range of motion or mobility and technique.  The first is commonly confused with flexibility and I have seen many athletes that are extremely flexible but don’t have a lot of range of motion.  The inability to squat below parallel, or even lock the arms out into extension when overhead can limit not only your ability to perform the movements but the quality of your workout.  The other remaining factor is technique.  With most highly skilled movements there is a progression that needs to be built.  Movements like the Snatch require a lot of work and repetition on the bar.  The muscle up might require more basic gymnastic strengthening like pull-ups and unassisted dips before progressing on to the technical side of the muscle up.  Surprisingly what is not a limiting factor is intensity.  The point!  As boring as you think it might be get your ass in some bands and start working on your mobility.  Take your dynamic warm-up routine seriously as well as your cool down.  Visit a PT or Chiro and have them check you out for imbalances or weaknesses.  If you don’t know any ask me I go to 2 of them.  Foam roll with a passion don’t just lay on the gym floor and dry hump the damn thing.  Trust me guys I write that laundry list of a warm-up for your own benefit not because you like them and not because I want you to know what I do.  As for technique coaches can give you cues until your blue in the face but if your not willing to actually slow down, lower the weight, make changes in your form and think about what your doing your never going to get better.  There are many different styles but only one way to perform the snatch and clean & jerk.  So if your technique is not right what ever your doing is not working, so lets take a step back in order to take 2 steps forward.  I also recommend downloading videos on movements.  do some searching and put some time into it.  This is for the people that have been crossfitting for awhile now and haven’t been progressing.  this is also for the new athletes that have just started as well as everyone who checks this blog out that just found out about crossfit or just won’t make the commitment.  Trust me I know your out there I know how many hits we get a day and it’s not all Stretch I, II, & III.  If you just want to come in a get a workout and leave that’s fine but like anything else it’s what you put into it that determines what you get out of it.  This is not a F-ing rant!


20 Minute Amrap.

32 Double Unders

16 Over Head Walking Lunges #45 #25


4 Muscle Ups

2 HSPU (No Kipping)

** Sub CTB Pull-Ups for MU’S


  1. carl Reply
    Amen, Coach.
  2. Matt Reply
    For the record, the morning crew rocks.
  3. Stretch Reply
    Very wise man this Iron Matt

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