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Everyone who was interested in the grass-fed beef connection the process is still going on.  Big thanks to Jen Hines for taking this over behind the scenes we are about get this rolling.  Starting late April we have the option of purchasing baskets of $30 to $35 with up to 8lbs of seasonal veggies and a dozen eggs.  Every week or basket will be different so you will have the option of purchasing it or waiting for the next one.  Jen and I both agree that this is a great deal and with the addition of grass-fed beef in the future I recommend that we sign up.  If your interested we need email addresses so you can give it to me at the gym.


A1.  Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3

A2.  Weighted Pull-up 3-3-3-3-3

Skill Work: Rope Climbs or Muscle Ups.

  1. Barry Reply
    Here is the conversation I had with my wife at 730 this morning. Rita: How was your workout? Me: It was good, strength training, we benched shared stretch marks and c-section scars and did weighted pull ups. Rita: Wait...what? Me: Weighted pullups. You do pulls ups with a ... Rita: No, the other thing. C-section scars? How many moms do you work out with in the morning? Me: This morning? None. It was just the boys. Rita: I thought you said stretch marks and c-section scars? Me: Yeah, nevermind. You just don't get Crossfit. My warmup is tougher than your workout. I gotta eat. Rita: What is wrong with you? If anyone can help me answer that last question let me know. She asks it often enough now that I should probably answer.
  2. Sam N Reply
    Glad to hear you're back in the box Barry! You know how there is bring your kid to work day, I think we might have to have a Bring Your Wife to the Box day sometime soon.
  3. Stretch Reply
    Seems logical to me Barry, she's probably had a tough morning
  4. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Barry, hysterical. My favorite question of all is "what is wrong with you"
  5. tights Reply
    Barry- I'm glad Jumper's on her way back. After 6AM's 'sharing time', it's pretty clear we shouldn't be left unsupervised. I'm glad you broke the ice. If it's medically possible, I think this morning's conversation left me with a touch of post-concussion syndrome. Maybe Greg can let me know if that's even medically possible. The whole day's been strange.
    • Greg P Reply
      The morning crew should come with its own warning label, providing the individual with informed consent detailing the risks of walking away with post-concussive symptoms. Something along the lines of, "If you find yourself experiencing headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, irritability, or difficulties with memory and/or attention, instantly notify a medical professional and clearly express to her you've just been Morning Crew'ed and that you now need immediate assistance." Coach, you way want to look into this.
  6. Ron Reply
    It certainly was a circus this morning. LOL

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