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For Time:

50 KBS (Games Standard) #70 #53

100 Box Jumps (Jump Up Step Down) #24 #20

1000 Meter Run ( 5 Laps )

Skill Work: Amrap 5 minutes

L-sit on rings

  1. Rich Reply
    Where is everyone planning on staying for Regionals? If I stay in the Logan Square area, is that too far from the Reebok Center? Thanks.
  2. Melo Reply
    We are staying in the Norwood section(5miles away) Use google maps , enter hotel address vs reebok HQ Don't forget to purchase entrance tickets / 3 day pass $25 per head
  3. Margo Reply
    Greg and Joey, the Games site has an article "A Day in the Life of Julie Foucher." You guys were just wondering how she could be in med school and train so much.. check it out. Then get back to studying! :)
    • Greg P Reply
      She puts me to shame. I need to step my game up!

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