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This is long over due but I want to congratulate Lynne on winning the CFH best shape of your life challenge.  The challenge ended last month but Lynne was awarded the winner  weeks ago.  Most of you have not had the pleasure of training with Lynne or the rest of the ” Yardley Ladies ” as some say but Let me tell you she is everything that CFH is and stands for.  She trains hard, challenges herself, doesn’t shy away from her weaknesses and does it all with a quiet smile.  She is definitely the shy one out of the devastating trio they call the Yardley Ladies.  Lynne took this challenge really seriously, kept a strict journal, and totaled the most points by far.  She was awarded $200 cash!!  I’m really proud of you Lynne you have come a long way and you’re a real pleasure to coach.  Great job and keep up the good work!!  That leaves me to talk about nutritional challenges for a second.  We have done a couple at CFH and they haven’t all been successful but that’s not the point.  We do them so people can get involved and learn about how important diet is in our lives.  The next time we have another challenge I encourage everyone to participate because who knows, you might just change your life!!


A. Front Squat 5-5-5

B. Back Squat 1 X 20


  1. Margo Reply
    Yay Lynne!! Congrats!
  2. Rich Reply
    Great job, Lynne! Congrats.
  3. Sam N Reply
    Congrats Lynne!!
  4. Dawn Reply
    Congrats Lynne!!!
  5. Joey D Reply
    Congrats Lynne!
  6. Karin Reply
    Congratulations Lynne (oh quiet and wise one!!)! I am proud to call you my friend, neighbor and Crossfit partner! And don't be deceived by Lynne's quiet demeanor fellow crossfitters--she is a fierce competitor! Long live the Yardley Trifecta--BOOM! (I have been dying to do use that word...)
  7. Karin Reply
    PS--When is the autograph signing?
  8. Stretch Reply
    Congrats Lynne from the prez!!!
  9. carl Reply
    Atta Girl! (sorry, Coach, I beat you to it)
  10. Alison Reply
    Yes, Lynne deserves a ton of "atta boys" because she really worked hard and took it all very seriously. I might add that she was undecided whether or not to even participate up until the day before...thanks Lynne and Karin for going along with my crazy idea to drive all of the way to Hamilton, NJ for a workout and for always pushing me and keeping me going. And thanks for all of the awesome people and coaches here at CFH, you make it all great.
  11. Timmy OD Reply
    Congrats to Lynne and all the yardely ladies! Well done!
  12. Greg P Reply
    Great job, Lynne!
  13. Melo Reply
  14. Lynne Reply
    At the risk of having this sound like an Academy Award acceptance speech, I would first like to thank Dave for the very nice announcement. I am not good at taking compliments, so I will just say with all sincerity that I was a bit choked up when I read the website at 5:15 this morning! I especially want to thank him for all his support, guidance and above all, patience. If he had to answer another question about how many points to deduct for a tablespoon of honey, he was going to go crazy. That brings me to the second person I want to thank - my husband, Chris. Everyone who knows me knows that I am competitive and am always up for a challenge - so it was just a matter of getting my carb-loving husband on board to eat Paleo for 30 days. I couldn't have succeeded in making such a lifestyle adjustment without his total commitment to also change his nutritional habits... which he did and with great results. Finally, I saved the biggest THANK YOU for last.... Thank you to the nicest, most generous friend, neighbor and fellow competitor in the challenge - Alison. Thank you for sharing your Paleo recipes, thank you for supplying me with missing ingredients, thank you (and Karin) for doing the at-home WODs and burpees with me; and most of all, thank you Alison for introducing me to CFH without which I would not have improved my health, my fitness, my appearance and I would not have gotten to meet and know all these wonderful people! Thanks to all of you for your congratulations, and to Karin for making me appear shy in comparison! From now on I will be known as "the shy one."
  15. Jules Reply
    Congrats Lynne!!
  16. Margo Reply
    Oh high 5 to your husband Lynne! What a great partner! I'm really excited to crash the ten am next week when I'm on spring break! Also.. Let me know when a house is for sale on your street.. I want crossfitting, paleo-loving neighbors!
  17. Jen Reply
    Congrats Lynne! I'm looking forward to seeing you next week when I'm on break.

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