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CFH Pool Party Announcement!!  Linda has offered to host the 1st annual CFH Pool Party sometime around late July.  I believe either the weekend of the 21st or the 28th.  Please post to comments section if you can make it, what dates, and if you prefer to have it on a Saturday or Sunday.  Please not that some of you will not be invited due to past CFH party performances!!  Then again some of you will be invited because of past CFH party performances!! Hell yeah!!


I know it’s been a couple days since the end of the open but I wanted to congratulate everyone who participated.  You guys competed every step of the way for a long 5 weeks and you’re all stronger both mentally and physically because of it.  I couldn’t be more proud as a coach of your effort and commitment.  A special thanks goes out to Coach Nick, Greg, and Joey!  We absolutely beat the hell of each other for 6 months and it was worth every second.  All the hard work paid off and I owe you guys everything!!  Last but not least I want to thank everyone who stayed after on Thursday’s and came out on Sunday’s to support the competitors, Especially Kevo who after I told to shut the F-up during the 2nd week of the open, remained in my corner and coached me through the last 3 wods.   Thanks guys can’t wait for our CFH Team to compete next year!!!


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  1. carl Reply
    second that, Coach. Kevo rocked. Any day for the party is fine, as long as the Morning Crew can break out the Speedos.
    • Linda Cuilla Reply
      Okay Carl, If you insist. I'll allow it
  2. Greg P Reply
    Coach, you've got another two months of butt whoopings headed your way, because after that we are all headed up to Boston to watch you do some serious damage at Regionals. As for the Pool Party, I think I'm going to pass. Parties aren't really my thing. Ok, FINE! I mean if you're going to twist my arm about it, I suppose I can make an exception this one time. Count me in. Either date is fine. 2012 1st Annual CFH Pool Party: Where if you happen to need rescuing from the deep end of the pool, you luckily have 50 of the fittest people around ready at a moments notice to immediately spring into action....right after they are done debating the actual existence of Stretch I, II & IV, they have a chance to finish their mimosa, and they find a place to put down the 100% grass-fed Doritos. Wait. Screw that. I'm bringing my swimmies.
  3. Margo Reply
    Sounds like a great time but July 29th is our little guy's due date so we just may have to sit this one out. (Nick has been known to crash a party in a speedo so maybe that's a good thing.)
  4. Dawn Reply
    Congratulations Coach on making the regionals! So excited to go this year and see you throw down. Either date works for me. Thanks Linda!
  5. Rich Reply
    Sounds like fun. Thanks, Linda. Either weekend works for us. Sunday is a better day.
  6. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Why don't we plan for Sunday, July 22nd so Margo and Nick can come (if little guy doesn't come early) Kids are welcome as well.
  7. Joey D Reply
    Thank you all for taking me in. I've grown so much as an athlete over these last six months. Training for Open 2013 starts now! TEAM CFH. BOOM!
  8. tights Reply
    Linda- Thanks for hosting the CFH pool party. Morning Crew will be there at 6AM sharp!
  9. Jen Reply
    I have to wait until the end of July for a party? Any date works for me. Thank you Linda! And congratulations to Dave for making the regionals and for everyone else who competed. You are all amazing athletes!
  10. Stretch Reply
    i swim naked so i have no problem with the speedos
  11. Rich Reply
    I think we will need a Paleo Challenge right before the pool party so that I can drop the baby fat.
  12. Jules Reply
    For Metropolis girls Sundays are better!
  13. Timmy OD Reply
    Things I learned while riding the night train: 1) Kevo can row like no other 2) Coach doesn't share food but he has not problems eating it in front of us 3) Dawn makes her own crazy concoction of a post wod banana and egg white shake 4) This WOD definitely separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women.
  14. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Okay, so we have a date for the CFH pool party. Sunday, July 22nd. I wish I could have it sooner, but have plans every weekend in June and the first two in July. More details will follow as we get closer. Please hold the date. Hey morning crew, I am making another appearance tomorrow at 6:00 am - will Stretch show up this time?

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