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Sunday Party!!  Due to possible bad weather

on Sunday we will not be grilling outside but

you all know that won’t stop us from throwing

down.  If you plan on attending please post to

comments section what you will be bringing.




50 BOX JUMPS #24 #20

60 KBS #53 #35



  1. Tripp Reply
    Im there.........Ill have the plane fly through the bay door and parked inside the box. Congratulations on the rankings, well done D-Bo
  2. Greg P Reply
    I'll be sticking around for a while on Sunday. I'm going to bring another two dozen of Dawn's cookies. (By "bring", I mean "eat"). Ok, so I'll actually bring some other type of dessert I guess. See you guys tomorrow.
  3. Dawn Reply
    Is it really almost over?! And did anyone else cringe at the word burpees in today's wod?? I am bringing cookies...of course, but Greg you have to share...and shrimp salad too.
  4. Jen Reply
    I have to go to a bridal shower tomorrow. I will certainly swing by on my way home to see if people are still hanging out. I won't be able to bring food, but I can bring beer.
  5. Rich Reply
    I'll bring some beers.
  6. Danielle Reply
    Congrats to all the open competitors. Everyone did awesome today with 12.5- and with all the WODs. You guys are amazing! Congrats to coach who not only did incredible during the open, but also threw a killer party today. Way to go. :)
  7. Dawn Reply
    So I sit here tonite on the last nite of the CF open 2012 reflecting on this journey of the last 5 weeks. At times it was difficult, nerve wracking, inspiring, crushing, torturous, joyous, terrifying, beautiful, fun….sometimes all at once. It’s bittersweet as it comes to a close. No more waiting for the clock to strike 8 pm on Wed nite to run to the computer to reveal the WOD, the oh no how can I do that one attitude, the strategizing how will I make this happen, how many reps should I go for, what day will I do the WOD, will I try it again, then checking my place week after week to see how I fared against the other CFers going thru this same journey. I loved watching my fellow CFH competitors go thru this battle every week, fighting thru the pain, coming out at the end conquering their internal beasts getting just one more rep. It was a beautiful thing to watch even if the results weren’t always what we wanted. Each and every one of you has inspired me so much. I loved those not competing too, there to cheer us on, coach us with tips and tricks, giving those oh so helpful inspiring words when needed the most. It meant everything and so much more to have you there pushing us on. It was such a great learning experience and an honor to part of…I have grown so much more than I probably even realize, pushed boundaries I normally wouldn’t and now know I can do what I fear. You don’t know you can do something if you don’t try... you just have to do! A HUGE thank you to Coach Dave for building this community of spirit that is so awesome! I can’t imagine my life without CFH in it. I have learned so much more than how to clean and jerk or deadlift or how to do a muscle up. It goes a lot deeper than that. There are lessons of higher learning here, of commitment, dedication, patience, perseverence, and good old fashioned work! As I reflect on all of this, I make a promise to myself to push myself like I have these last 5 weeks every day that I step into the box and everyday that I step into life’s WODs. So grateful that I could be a part of this journey!!! Thank you!
    • Rich Reply

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