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Sunday Party!!!  Open wod is from 10am-12pm!!

Afterwards were throwing down until whenever

so come on over and hangout.  Might actually

be the last time we party at the box.


Power Clean #135 #95

Ring Dip

  1. Margo Reply
    I love how a 7 min amrap
  2. Margo Reply
    Oops didn't mean to post. Meant to say that I love how a 7 min amrap takes 2 hours yet still feels so quick when you're there! Should I bring some food Sunday or are you guys just planning on a liquid celebration?
  3. Debbie Migneco Reply
    Holy crap I reading the Leaderboard correctly?!??! You are 48th worldwide?!?!??!? Way to go Coach!!
  4. Jane Reply
    We will bring meat to the cookout on Sunday. Good luck everyone competing and congratulations on your last workout.

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