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CFH is celebrating the last day of the open this

Sunday.  We will be doing 12.5 at 11am and

afterwards will be having a barbecue.  Everyone

is welcome.

Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3

  1. Greg P Reply
    Party! I will be on my best behavior. Just like the Christmas Party.
  2. Danielle Reply
    Fantastic. I'll bring meat. :)
  3. Alison Reply
    Thanks for this AM, the "atta boys" from Carl, Stretch, Iron Matt, Lynne and Karin were fantastic! If it weren't just so damn early, I may just show up at 6am more often. Thanks for all of your encouragement and tips. BTW, I still may have more of the bacon band-aids for you Greg to bring on your best behavior. It really raised your game that night.

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