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I’m really glad you guys are getting a kick out of my so called rants, I don’t really understand why but as long as you guys are not fucking up in training it’s cool.  Speaking of cool Here’s Kenny Powers and a video for BLADES!!!  Suck it Reebok!!!!

Press 5-5-5

Push Press 3-3-3

Push Jerk 1-1-1


  1. Danielle Reply
    Is it ironic that the Blades match the new CFH gear? Hell of a job to everyone who did 12.4 yesterday. You guys were freakin awesome! Happy Friday!
  2. Melo Reply
    Thanks to coach nick and the 10AM crew w/having patience w/me while I waited for my heart rate to come down before I took on 12.4-Pumped to say the least... W/ the chearing on & nick paceing my rest cycle it paid off !!! Good luck to you all on Sunday!!!

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