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Lets talk about running shall we!!  I was asked today by one of our athletes and before you say anything prepare to shut the F-up!!  I absolutely love and appreciate this member everyday and this person is not new it’s just how I want to start this shit off so let me have my moment.  This was just a conversation that we had about the topic and I just want to take it further.  This is not an attack on anyone so please no posts about how I don’t care about you guys  I freakin love you all.   This athlete strait up said to me “you don’t run do you?”  We’ll the first thing I thought was wow what little my athletes know about how I train and what my training philosophy is all about.  The second thing is what kind of message am I sending to my athletes if they think I don’t run.  We’ll I do believe in running and like to run, fast and Hard!!  What I don’t believe in is long distance jogging.  Most long distance runners lack strength, flexibility, and more often then not suffer from some sort of over training injury such as sore, strained, or sprained hamstrings, shins, ankles, feet, knees and hips.  Yes I know you can avoid these injuries with proper technique and programming because without these components the volume alone will crush you.  Still show me an efficient runner who logs major miles on a weekly basis and competes in marathons and I will show you someone who doesn’t have the strength to lift anything overhead or the flexibility to even get into a squat, no muscle mass, a flat butt, and bloated because they think they need to eat so much pasta to fuel there fucking jogathons.  Sorry I was on a roll.  All that aside who in the right mind would want to spend all day running?  Really? Really?  Now and this is just my opinion guys but keeping the volume down and the intensity up is a much more efficient way to train.  Short and long intervals for distance like 200’s, 400’s, 800’s, and 1,000 meters with work to rest ratio’s built in are some of the most difficult workouts I have ever done.  You can also do intervals for time like 1minute sprints, 1minute rest or go longer like 5 minutes at a certain pace with a rest and repeat.  I’m also a fan of time trials for distances ranging from 1 mile to 3.  These are some basic examples but you get the point.  I believe that because the volume is lower and with a built in work to rest ratio the athlete is able to properly recover so that they can perform the interval or time trial with proper form and technique over and over which allows the athlete to get stronger and stay away from injuries which mostly occur when the athlete starts to fatigue.  Running is a huge part of crossfit and one of the most functional movements to perform and I absolutely believe and support it,  but sprinting, intervals, and 5k trail runs are a totally different story then running 30 to 50 miles a week or going for a 12 mile clip on a saturday morning.  My training philosiphy is simple, if it makes me move better, if it makes me a healthier, more fit athlete then I’m going to do it.  I don’t want to be the guy who runs a marathon just to say I completed it, sorry but I want to be the guy with a 5:30 mile, 500lb deadlift, and the hips, back and hamstrings as flexible as a 10 year old boy.  BOOM!!


In teams of 3

12 Minute Amrap

250 Meter Row

KB Deficit Deadlift #70 #53

Ring Dips

**  Partner 1 rows, 2 and 3 perform amrap.

**  KB DDL.  stand on top of a 45lb plate hold kbs

with palms facing and deadlift.


  1. Kevin Reply
    BTW, for those who still plan on running marathons or half marathons you need to listen to Coach. 80-90% of your running workouts should be hard intervals. Coach is dead on, running slow-moderate distance does not make you a better runner and it certainly won't make you competitive in your age group. If you're not willing to put in the hard work to be the best competitor you can be, why are you racing?
  2. Linda Cuilla Reply
    I have another idea for a t shirt GET IT STRAIGHT - COACH DOES RUN!!!!!!
  3. Debbie Migneco Reply
    As a previous long distance runner, all I can say is, Coach is absolutely right on target! (as usual I might add!) :)
  4. Matthew Reply
    I'm with you guys on this one. I do one long run a week and everything else is interval work. I feel great and my performance on the long distance runs I do is much better than last year.
  5. Greg P Reply
    Wait, what? What are you guys talking about with all this running nonsense? After having read today's post, I thought the moral of the story was that Coach wants the hips of a 10-year-old boy. I don't remember a single other thing being mentioned!
    • Tim, i used to crossfit, roach Reply
      Ha! You beat me to it Greg.
  6. donk Reply
    I believe they call that the Sandusky method of training Greg.
  7. Beth Reply
    While I love running distance, I completely agree that it is easier to run far than to run fast and CrossFit helps with both! However, I am really commenting to say thank you to Coach for not making us do the 150 wall ball shots after yesterday's WOD. Good luck in the competition everyone!!!
  8. Danielle Reply
    Awesome post. So informative and pretty inspiring-as usual. I mean, who wants a flat butt anyway? On another note, wow Coach, you were dead on with calling the muscle ups today. Good luck with 12.4 everyone!
  9. Stretch Reply
    Sorry guys I think coach has done too many deadlifts, 10 year old boy ????
  10. Tripp Reply
    Sunset Ave. Surf City, New Jersey. Two guys sprinting from stop sign to stop sign. One guy saved the other guy's life, due to a car blowing the stop sign. BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dog's gotta eat. More importantly, Sunset Ave. Surf City, New Jersey. Wolfpack riding beach cruisers to Surf City Hotel (one being the HAMPTON) 11:30pm at night. Car blew stop sign , coming in HOT, Coach almost lost his life. SC Wolfpack was there....Wolfpack succeeded....water under the bridge. BOOOOOOMMM!!!!
  11. Jumper Reply
    Wow... The posts on the blog and the cfh page have left me speechless. So much has changed in 4 months, not sure I'm coming back to the same people or place...
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