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For Time

1 Mile Run ( 9 Laps)

100 Squat Thrusts

100 Wall ball Shots #20 #14

100 Sit-ups

  1. Sam N Reply
    100squat thrusts/100 WB Shots glad today is a rest day!
  2. Debbie Migneco Reply
    Crap! Looks like a great workout and I have to miss it!
  3. Stretch Reply
    Anything i posted yesterday about yesterday's workout being hard....scrap that. this was rough. Good luck guys !!!!
  4. Sam N Reply
    For those who I bought the Rogue SR-1 Speed Ropes for: Have you had any problems with your rope? My rope's plastic coating is starting to come off. I heard someone's ball bearing popped out as well. Please let me know so we can try to get these replaced by Rogue.
    • Danielle Reply
      Sam, my rope is causing me to suck at DUs ... that's definitely a problem. Let me know if we can get that fixed :)
  5. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Awesome workout today - loved it :)
  6. Jen Reply
    Hey Sam, I went to use my new jump rope and it broke before I did 1 double under. The handle and hardware completely came off.
  7. Sam N Reply
    Please bring it in and I'll take pics and send them to Rogue.
  8. Leslie Cortina Reply
    By the time I decided to order the rope that all of you ordered, it was back ordered, so I ended up ordering the Quad Speed Training Rope available from XTraining It was about $18.99 and there are so far, no issues with the quality. Also with noting: I read several negative reviews of the Rogue Jumping ropes, complaining of all of the above issues.
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