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5 Minutes Max Wall Ball Shots #20 #14

4 Minutes Max DB Hang Power Snatch #45 #35

3 Minutes Max Box Jump #24 #20 (Jump Up/Step


2 Minutes Max Pull-ups

1 Minute Max Burpees (Touch 6 inch target)

  1. Melo Reply
    Serious D.O.M.S Walked away from 12.3 feeling great. Rested and powered up so I took on Friday mornings WOD and walked away from that with the mind set of taking on 12.3 again Sunday!!! Saturday morning changed the game!!! With that being said Good luck to all !!! Wish I could be there
    • Linda Cuilla Reply
      Today was awesome - Wall balls killed me. I still love watching everyone (myself included) drop to the floor after the WOD.

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