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Scedule Update:  Saturday’s classes have been

changed!! New times are 9am class, 10am intro

and 11am class.

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

  1. Alison Reply
    Sorry about this Dave but I reworked the math in the car home because I am more than obsessed... (4) 15's, (4) 10's, (2) 25's + bar=185. PR baby! Even Lynne agreed with my math, that extra 15 plate on each side threw everyone off. I knew that felt heavy...hope you got some sleep. Have a great weekend everyone.
    • Barry Reply
      Nice work Alison
  2. carl Reply
    nice work. was El Presidente there to witness it? I suspect.not, because of his prowess with all things numerical
  3. Stretch Reply
    Missed it Carl, had my usual date at GD. Hate when i miss deadlifts !!!!! i add those things up in my sleep !
  4. tights Reply
    Housewives of Yardley, including the newest Housewife Jane, smoked the deadlifts.....Golden Dawn reported a morning request for 'lite' pancake syrup....Anyone know what fraternity Tabata's pledging at Rutgers?
  5. Stretch Reply
    Tights??? i thought he left to join the ballet
  6. tights Reply
    It was only a cameo appearance. With a bad back, I had trouble with the plie and, ironically, looked even more ridiculous in tights....
  7. carl Reply
    Stretch, I'm here to testify that Tights is Back! Since you didn't show up yesterday we had a good time badmouthing you. Bring back El Barristo, and the Morning Crew will be on the verge of its former greatness.
  8. Stretch Reply
    The morning crew back in business ??? Wow, this board will go downhill fast
  9. jane Reply
    Great Job Alison! Way to step it up.

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