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For Time:

500 Meter Row

5  Hang Squat Cleans #95 #65

400 Meter Row

10  Hang Squat Cleans

300 Meter Row

15  Hang Squat Cleans

200 Meter Row

20  Hang Squat Cleans

100 Meter Row

  1. Sam N Reply
    I'm going to attempt 12.3 in about 1.5 hours. Anyone have any thoughts on how to approach this WOD?
  2. Melo Reply
    I'm going to need lower body strength later on in the rounds ( starting w/ push press, jerk and then splitting). I will try & keep my Box jumps @ a nice pace-I just want to work for 18 min straight and finish w/nothing in the tank -EZR said than done- Good luck!! , you can always do it 2x
  3. Sam N Reply
    Wow that sucked! My shoulders gave out on me. Blew through box jumps and TTB, but the push press killed me. I was only able to get 5 rounds + 23. I suppose 15 days in Germany has made me soft. Best of luck to those doing it tonight!
  4. Dawn Reply
    good luck tonite everyone! I will be there in spirit!
  5. Greg P Reply
    During the warm-up for the workout this evening, while the music was playing & people were talking, I practiced a box jump. Over all that noise, everyone was still able to hear the box cry out in agony as it creaked, cracked, and pleaded for me to get my big ass off of its back after performing just a single jump. Seriously, everyone stopped and just looked at me. I figured you would all get a good laugh out of that. #fatass #bigboned #givemeacookieimstarving
    • Rich Reply
      I witnessed it. It was hilarious. And Greg still kicked ass.

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