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Schedule Update!!  Thursdays 6pm class is moved to

5:30pm this week due to the open.

Saturday’s new schedule!!  9am class, 10am

free intro, and 11am class.  The 8am class has

been moved to 9am.

Post to comments section if any one is interested

in taking over our grass fed beef connection.

I have received emails about setting things up

and would like to put him in touch with someone

other then myself who might be able to do a

better job then me at getting this done.

For Time

10 KBS #70 #53

30 Ring Push-ups

400 Meter Run

20 KBS

20 Ring Push-Ups

400 Meter Run

30 KBS

10 Ring Push-Ups

  1. carl Reply
    Strong solo effort by Yardley Girl Fan Club President Michael Lettiere this morning. Way to get 'er done, Stretch.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Thanks Carl !!! Definitely tough to do by yourself. If my Yardley girls weren't so abject to getting up early, i would have a WOD partner. I think they still have bad/good memories from the Xmas Party :) Still the President of the YGFC Stretch
  3. Jen Reply
    I'll take care of the grass fed beef as long as I don't come home to a herd of grass fed cattle in my backyard.
  4. Jay Reply
    Hey Guys...hope everybody is doing good...if you guys don't mind I'd like to get in on your order for grassfed beef...if it's cool just let me know what you guys need from me...Thanks, Jay
  5. Tripp Reply
    Word on the street is that Jake "The Snake" Wineberg is looking to join CFH in the summer while doing his law internship in Princeton. Bringing part of the REAL Surf City wolfpack to CFH. Much love from Korea to all
  6. Nick Reply
    Triiiiip! I wanna party with youuuuu!
  7. Greg P Reply
    I'm starting to think that Coach has a man on the inside at CrossFit HQ. He is getting FREAKY good at predicting these Open workouts.
  8. Dawn Reply
    I was thinking the same thing Greg
    • Greg P Reply
      Now if we could just get that inside guy to post 12.4 as a Paleo Brownie eating AMRAP.
  9. Jules Reply
    and when I saw the 3rd wod I said to myself..."BRING IT ON BIOTCH!!!"
    • Greg P Reply
      Damn! You do 104 burpees and 50+ snatches, and all of a sudden you're calling out Iceland Annie. I like it!
  10. Jules Reply
    just kidding its going to suck

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