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“That A Boy!!”


I was told yesterday by several of our athletes that I don’t give them

enough praise!!  I was also told by another athlete that we squatted last week

so why are we doing it again.  The 2nd part of this I believe I don’t even need

to answer and yes this person is new but the 1st part I have an answer and

want to explain.  It’s very simple guys IT”S EXPECTED!!!!  I have seen every

single one of you at one time or another come in and give your best effort,

follow the standards, and challenge yourself.  This is what I have seen from

you on a regular basis so I demand and expect this every day you come in.

When you don’t focus, get lazy with the standards, and shy away from your

weaknesses I’m going to let you know about it.   If you haven’t already figured

out that technique and form are the name of this game then just ask some of

the veteran CFH’ers as well as our athletes competing in the open.  Having

said that if there could ever be a perfect day of training at CFH yesterday was

it!!  I was in from morning till night and I was simply fucking amazed by how

well you all squatted.  A well executed squat is the foundation of CrossFit as

well as life and because of all the hard work you guys put in and the high

standards that we set for our gym it has all paid off.  You all absolutely

crushed it yesterday and I was literally by the end of the day the happiest

coach ever.  So next week when another new athlete fresh off foundations

comes up and says we squatted last week why are we doing that again I will

simply say Shut The F-up I Know What I’m Doing!  The last part was an inside

joke so offended people please email me and I will explain.  But Seriously we

build a different kind of athlete here and set a very high standard.  Keep up

the great work everyone!!!



Amrap 20 Minutes.

10 Pull-ups

20 Push Press #115 #80

30 Double Unders

  1. Joe Tabata Reply
    Why are we doing pull ups, we did them in our warmup yesterday? :-)
  2. Sam N Reply
    Can we get a t-shirt with the text something along the lines of Greg's quote, "all the while dropping a few new pupils off a Shut the Fu@k Up Academy." Maybe, "Lock it Down or you're heading to Shut the F*ck Up Academy"
  3. carl Reply
    I would be proud to wear an SFU Academy shirt.
  4. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Yesterday was the first day I actually felt confident in my front squat, so I'm glad we did those suckers again. My husband owns 2 tee-shirt silk screening companies so I will gladly hook you dudes up in your SFU Academy shirts.
  5. Debbie Migneco Reply
    Since I've started, there has not been a day yet when you haven't said, "good job Deb", or encouraged me to continue on with saying something positive. I have no idea what that person is talking about when they say that you don't give praise....maybe they just have to work harder to be worthy of that! :o)
  6. Margo Reply
    I think there are a few disclaimers you should add.. for anyone that is relatively new, you should know that there are 2 sides to Coach. Off season Dave is willing to stick around late after wods, talk with you about form, programming, diet, etc and will encourage and praise you all you want. But... then there's "Competition Season Dave" (this includes rowing during the summer). This Dave you need to understand that if you come in the gym and he's either working out or doing his 45 minute warm up.. it's best not to talk or look at him. He doesn't even hear you or see you come in anyway. Do not talk/yell/cheer if he's in a zone. If you want extra praise, look towards your fellow members if it's competition season. As for programming.. never question it, just trust the guy. He's the one who did the burpee challenge before the 12.1 right. OR just change the wording of your question.. like "So how does doing squats again so soon help form or increase strength?" Always pose a question like you want to learn something and he'd be more willing to school you in some crazy anatomy/physiology/genetic lecture where you just nod your head because it's interesting but you don't actually understand the big terms he uses. Lastly, if we were at a typical gym, who would be praising us in the first place? Just be patient and wait until Regionals are over. (With that said, I expect lots of compliments during and after my workout tomorrow night!)
  7. Donk Reply
    I know I haven't ben around much lately, but I really can't believe what I just read!!! Has Dave really gotten his warmup down to 45 minutes!! Seems like just yesterday he was trying so hard to get one done sub 2 hours. Great work pal.
  8. Tripp Reply
    I guess people think that Coach Bob Knight told his athletes "Hey, great job making that free throw," every single time they did it. False......DLB stay the course have been doing a hell of a job, I can even feel it out here in South Korea. Change for no one. A proud cousin
  9. Dawn Reply
    If you don't hear the praise, ask yourself, am I doing this right? Have I given it 100%? Am I worthy? Ask someone if you are not sure. How was my form? Lord knows I ask that all the time! If you see someone moving with proper form, giving it their all, give them praise. I hear and see it all the time ... nice job, high fives, fist bumps, screams even. We are there to encourage each other. We are not perfect everyday with so much more to learn, but if we strive to do our best, then we are on the right path. Margo, well said! And I so want a SFU t-shirt!
    • Greg P Reply
      I love a good high five.
  10. Danielle Reply
    I love this place.
    • Greg P Reply
      You still aren't allowed to be in charge of the grass-fed beef order.
  11. Melo Reply
    Daniel I agree- feel the love, this has the makings of another CFH party !!
  12. Karin Reply
    Ok everyone--time to fess up here. I am one of the athletes who asked Dave for more praise. Thank you Dave for not starting off the blog with "Ok, these whiny pains in the asses need some ass kissing so here goes"--I appreciate that and the fact you referred to me as an athlete--never been called that before and I feel pumped! Thanks too Dawn and Danielle for you advice--even though I am not that new, I am still learning the ropes in regards to CFH and CF in general (insert the happy face that I do not know how to insert right here)--great advice coming from two women I admire! So, why did I ask Dave for more praise? Simple. Praise from Dave motivates me more than anything to keep coming back to the box every week. Unlike most of you, I do not have a job. I am a stay at home mom and I NEVER get any kind of praise around here--raises, promotions and the like. EVER. Cry me a freaking river right? I know, I made my choice ("deal with it" is what I am sure all of your are thinking)and it is certainly not Dave's job, though it would be lovely, to tell me every time I walk into the box "Great job Karin" or "It's ok Karin, you will get it next time". It is very important for me to know that Dave thinks I am doing a good job. I have never admired someone so much younger than me and Dave's praise keeps me pumped up, keeps me working harder, and gets me back into that box every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (unless of course the WOD is 100 Burpees for time which I will never do again no matter what he says to me). I know it sounds like I am creeping and stalking a bit but don't we all when it comes to Dave?!?!? I would never want Dave to change Tripp (nor Carl and Nick who I admire as well)--I would leave the freaking box if they did! I have been a ping pong "worker-outer" for several years and have never been so consistent with any gym. I love it here too Danielle and never want to leave--and a party Melo? Great idea--only if Kevo brings me my bubbly though! Like every business, the head honcho sometimes needs to put on his junior psychology cap to deal with the many personalities of the people who surround him every day--I guess I am one of those needier employees who needs extra praise! It makes me feel worthy, it makes me feel that I belong and it makes me work harder to keep up with the rest of you! While I am in awe of all of you, and I mean that, I really don't care if you think I am an ass (or if it is not in the Cross Fit mantra) for asking Dave for the extra occasional praise. It may seem bitchy for me to say that but when I receive praise from Dave (or Carl or Nick) it pumps me up and me feel like I am a better and stronger crossfitter. This being said, Dave, I expect you to have my tea (NOT COFFEE!) waiting for me tomorrow at the 10am along with a pat on the shoulder or perhaps a "Karin, you sucked it last week on your front squats but you rocked them yesterday" and my very own (personalized with "Real Housewife of Yardley" would be nice") SFU t-shirt!
  13. Dawn Reply
    Karin, you rock!
  14. Danielle Reply
    Melo, you read my mind... Karin, we totally get it. You just wrote what most of us think ALL the time :) You're awesome! The amazing thing about the people here - is regardless of which class any of us are "in" - Morning Crew, Nooners, Evening Warriors, Foundations (in which I'm currently enrolled), we all motivate each other. Karin, I have seen your scores consistently get better and your weights increase every time I look at the whiteboard. Even when we don't have class together I'm quietly giving you props from the evening class :) Secretly, I think we all do this for each other! Just to reiterate... I love this place. Coach, I think we need to have a party planning meeting. Can you add it to the warm up for tonight? AND COACH WE PRAISE YOU! Thanks for creating this ... there is nothing else like it, anywhere!
  15. Tom Reply
    If CFH Shut the F#&k Up Academy shirts are made I want one! Tom Former Original Morning Crew
  16. Linda Cuilla Reply
    If you guys can wait for the party, we can have a pool party at my place - pool opens May 15th - woo hoo - I just have one rule - no speedo's
  17. carl Reply
    exceptionally well said, Karin. I heart Dave and Nick, too, and always benefit from their coaching. That's why I show up at 10 or noon whenever I can. also, for the record, I'm a huge fan of all the Yardley Girls (although I think Stretch has claimed the Fan Club presidency). Just think of all the progress you and Alison and Lynne have made since you started. Inspiring. You've come a long way, baby. now get your ass to the gym tomorrow morning, and you better keep those knees out when you squat. No Speedos? Looks like I'm out for the pool party.
  18. dr. des Reply
    one thing for sure.......CFH athletes are crazy!!! my own personal experience with "praise" is this......we had a WOD with squats that i thought i did amazing at. the next day coach told me my squat sucks. really? it sucks??? sh-t!!! i don't want my squat to suck!! so next WOD that involved squats coach carl and stretch helped me with form. no worrying about weight. just FORM. guess what? yesterday, with the front squats, i made sure my form was correct. decent weight. and i'm proud!! my squat suck???!!! not anymore, biotch!!! :) thanks for the encouragement!
  19. Karin Reply
    Thank you Dawn, Danielle and Carl for your awesome words--maybe i don't need that praise after all! My head is as big as a wall ball right now! And so true Danielle--I look at everyone's times/weights up on the board--I am always pulling for everyone! The other Yardley Housewifes will be very happy to hear all of this when I tell them that everyone is pulling for us too and more importantly that we have a fan club!
  20. Jules Reply
  21. Rich Reply
    This may be the best discussion string I've ever seen on this site. A lot of truth being written. I think Dawn is right, but man do I like hearing Coach say "That A Boy!"

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