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10 Front Squats Every 2minutes X 5 Sets or Until


Mens # 225 Womens #155

  1. Stretch Reply
    Do not let this WOD fool you !!!!! Awesome job by the new morning crew, Jane, Ron and Prince !!!
  2. carl Reply
    what about Stretch?
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch: You dictating who the "new" morning crew is makes about as much sense as you crowning yourself best golfer at CFH. The morning crew is me, Barry, Liz, and Sarah. And we both know who the best golfer is. Good day. Tabata PS Tights is the new Saturday morning crew
  4. carl Reply
    Greg, thanks for the props on yesterday's blog. I was happy to better my score, but I was really impressed by everybody's great performance. I especially wanted to thank Kevo for taking one like a man on behalf of Team CFH. Only the Trippster could have handled it better.
  5. Stretch Reply
    First off there is only 1 morning crew, and those that are members know who they are And Tabata i am the best golfer at CFH, even if i worked more hours in the month of February then you have in the last 3 years
  6. Dawn Reply
    coach scared me
  7. Dawn Reply
    thankfully the brownie made him feel better
  8. Stretch Reply
    So that was you that had those Paleo treats ?? I bought them too, i think they're awesome.
  9. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch: I'll consider that a challenge and I accept. The venue has to be a place neither of us have ever played. My suggestion is Plainfield Country Club. Finish your tax season and prepare to take your beating like a man. Signed The Real Morning Crew
  10. Stretch Reply
    Oh it's on !!! I played Plainfield tho.
  11. Joe Tabata Reply
    We'll have to choose another course then!!
  12. Sam N Reply
    Anyone else notice the new logo? BonanniFitness.
  13. Margo Reply
    Carl, Nick showed me the article you sent him, thanks! :) It confirmed everything I believed but it's great to read someone's first hand experience! Really reassuring. Thanks again for thinking of us and sharing it! And just saw that you improved your score!? Awesome! Maybe it's because I wasn't there to trash talk to you! jk. Great job!
  14. carl Reply
    Margo. I'm glad you liked it. Seemed as if she had some good insights that I hope will be helpful to you. Since Nick did so well yesterday, I figured you were there in spirit, so some of that must have gotten into me.

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