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5 Rounds For Time

4 Power Cleans #205 #150

5 Wall Climbs

  1. Greg P Reply
    Congrats to Dawn for her awesome performance with 64 reps this morning! Jules, who at first wasn't sure she would even be able to get past the first 30, also had a damn solid 52 reps. Melo & Jen each with a great performance at 46 reps. Carl had a huge jump from his 38 reps the other night, to 47 reps today! Nick (The Stealth Ninja) karate chopped his way to a beastly 64 reps. And then the big guy dominated all with a terminator-like 75 reps, all while dropping a few new pupils off a Shut the Fu@k Up Academy. Great job to everyone else as well, and good luck to Joey who will be giving this another go within the next hour or so!
  2. hamilton Reply
    So emotional Baby...... 2 wods in a row I yell at someone. Last week it was Katye and now Kevo. Whats gotten over me. anyway those paleo treats that Dawn brought in were amazing!! I wanted to steal yours greg for calling me a fat boy. So proud of everone and lets not forget about Miriam about month into crossfit and posted a 60!
  3. Danielle Reply
    Wow, you guys are amazing! You are all so inspiring, I love it! Coach, don't worry about taking it out on the members, at least you didn't unleash on the BLOG. (Hehe) Great work everyone!

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