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Thursday’s class is at 5:30pm instead of 6pm due to

the open wod!!

” Jackie “

1000 Meter Row

50 Thrusters #45

30 Pull-ups

  1. Greg P Reply
    The video looks great!
  2. Sam N Reply
    Love the video! Great job Craig.
  3. Linda Cuilla Reply
    I love the video - and love the song you chose.
  4. Paula Reply
    Love the video, everyone looks great!
  5. Brett (WHO?) Reply
    Video looks great Dave.... So does the box!!!
  6. carl Reply
    awesome flick. The CFH Night Train chugging along at full speed! everybody - take the time to watch Laurie Galassi's muscle up video on the main site today. excellent progressions. can't wait to try them meself. peace.
  7. Danielle Reply
    Nice job Craig! Brett, long time no see (on the blog)!! Say hi to Joan :) Everyone looks awesome in the video! Hope to see you all soon.. I've been a walking infection for almost 2 weeks so I'm thinking about signing up for a foundations class soon. Missing CF is worse than being sick.
  8. Margo Reply
    Wow that video is amazing. Love the little details Craig!! Why do I suddenly feel too intimidated by you guys to ever work out there again?! Who is Brett? Jk you and Joan are greatly missed!!
  9. Brett (WHO?) Reply
    I will pass on the 'hello's' to Joan. We miss CFH and you guys. I have had problems with my back and shoulder (recovering from surgery now). Watching that video brings back good memories and makes me hate that I havent done a pull-up in 6 months... :-( I did however build a kick ass home box with my very own C2 rower and bumper plates. :-) Good luck all.
  10. craig Reply
    Glad you guys liked the video. Thanks for the kind words but it wasn't hard making you guys look good. You guys are awesome.
  11. Joe Tabata Reply
    Really? Not a single snatch comment??!!! LAME!!! Good luck in WOD 2!!
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