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A1.  Deadlift 15,15,15,15

A2.  Toes To Bar 20,20,20

2+ Hours Rest

B1.  3 X 800 Meter Run @ 3 minute rest BTW SETS

  1. Danielle Reply
    How is no one excited about this WOD?? It is actually "prescribed" that we hang out at the box for 2 + hours while waiting for the time to pass between A2 & B1, right? Will there also be light refreshments to hold us over while were passing the time? I'm sad that I can't make the 5:00 class :( but I'll stop by at 8:00pm when they're getting ready for part 3 of the WOD. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
  2. Joe Tabata Reply
    Danielle I saw that same thing and assumed I didn't have three hours to make the WOD. I just couldn't be nearly as witty as you!!
  3. hamilton Reply
  4. Sam Reply
    Hey D I'm on my way back to get my run on since the fire in my lungs is out from the burpees last night I see it's only right as a way to pay homage to them..As we will be seeing each other again Sunday morning..

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