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Your Thoughts on the first wod of the Reebok

CrossFit Games Open?


Amrap 7 Minutes



  1. Joe Tabata Reply
    Crossfit Games WOD 1. 7 minute WOD Total burpees. That one is a killer!!
  2. Melo Reply
    First thing came to mind- 256 Air squats! 24 HRS to recover..... Game plan// 20 burpees on the Minute=140 Game changer=6 inches Good luck to All!!!
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    Melo, the adrenalin will get you through this one!!
  4. carl Reply
    All of a sudden 7 minutes seems like a very long time.
  5. Sam N Reply
    I'm with Melo, I'm shooting for 20 burpees a minute, as I assume everyone is. Assuming I can keep it up, I wonder how many other people will hit around 140 reps. Looks like 140 is the current leader on the Open site.
  6. Jumper Reply
    Women 100-120 Men 120-150 Break triple digits you'll be in the top. Not going to be easy... Melo this is your WOD!! You're the burpee master!
  7. Tim, i used to crossfit, roach Reply
    What's all this strategy shit! This is the games people! If you aren't puking and sort of crying because you would cry if you could catch your breath and not even laying on the floor but wandering around trying to walk the pain off in some sort of oxygen deprived state mumbling to yourself about how much you hate crossfit, You could have gone harder. Other than that keep the breath with the movement. Exhale on the compression and to the floor. Inhale all the way up and use the jump to stretch the ribcage and get just that much more air into your lungs.
  8. Sam N Reply
    Rogue Speed Rope Update: I have the ropes. Unfortunately, I cannot make it in tonight. I will be at the 10am class tomorrow to drop them off. Tabata and Ron, please leave the money with Coach when you pick up your ropes. Jen I owe you 3 dollars, it will be with the ropes. Good luck to everyone tonight, I'll be using your scores to motivate myself tomorrow!
    • Brian Reply
      Thanks Sam. I will be in at 6am tommorow. I will leave the money with coach and pick the rope up on Saturday.
  9. Barry Reply
    Don't sweat this burpee WOD people. I have not worked out in almost six weeks and just finished it sub-three minutes. Piece of cake. What?
  10. Melo Reply
    Well done CFH!!! Jumper good to hear from you-

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