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Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3

  1. Sam N Reply
    Just signed up for the Open! Here's to hoping they only have pull-ups and push-ups for the Open WODs.
    • Joe Tabata Reply
      Sam: One thing I've learned watching people ready to compete is that the thing they hope isn't in the competition is usually in their first event. Good luck, you'll do just fine!
  2. Margo Reply
    I'm so pumped for the open and to watch everyone work out!! Hope that doesn't make anyone feel weird. Good luck everyone who registered!! It's exciting stuff!!
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    Margo, that's not's what is good about the group we have. Even people who aren't competing are supporting those that are.
  4. Joe Tabata Reply
    Crossfit Open WOD 1 As many burpees as you can in 7 minutes. Right up your alley Sam!!

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