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10 Minute Amrap

50 Air Squats

25 Sit-ups

  1. Stretch Reply
    Note to all at CFH. Matt (Wegmans Matt) will now be known as "IronMatt" Thank you..proceed with your day
  2. Sam N Reply
    For those that I ordered the Rogue speed ropes for: The UPS tracker has given me this notice: As requested by the sender, UPS has transferred this shipment to the local post office for delivery to the final destination. Scheduled Delivery Updated To: Wednesday, 02/22/2012 So it looks like they ropes will be delivered on Wednesday so I will bring them in on Thursday. I have gotten money from Danielle, Alison, and Jen. I'll leave them with Coach, so please just leave the money with him and I'll get it when I come back.
  3. Jen Reply
    Thank you Sam!
  4. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch I'll second that. Matt is a completely different person than when he arrived at CFH. Then again, so are you. Keep up the good work. Sam, I'll leave my dough with coach. Thanks for the order.

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