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Anyone interested in getting grassfed beef and

eggs delivered to the gym please post to comments

section.  We have been wanting to do this for

a while now so if we get enough people involved

it might be a great deal.

CFH Best Shape Of Your Life Challenge Day 27.

Burpee Total:  25 For Time

5 Rounds For Time:

10 SDHP #135 #95

5 Wall Walks

  1. Melo Reply
    Count us in!
  2. carl Reply
    we're interested.
  3. Jen Reply
    I am interested.
  4. Dawn Reply
    count me in too!
  5. Sam N Reply
    I'm definitely interested.
  6. Alison Reply
    Me too!
  7. Sam Reply
    You Know I'm In....
  8. Stretch Reply
    Stretch likes those things and is interested
  9. Joe Tabata Reply
    I've never had a grass fed egg but I'm willing to try. Do they have any grass fed pizza?
  10. Lynne Reply
    I am definitely in!
  11. Nicole Reply
    Im in

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