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Lean Muscle and the affects on body composition as

well as weight.

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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 26!!

Burpee Total:  30

10 Minute Amrap.

7 CTB Pull-ups

14 Pistols

21 Double Unders

  1. Joe Tabata Reply
    Every woman's worst nightmare. Gained 11 lbs. and lost a cup size.
  2. Lynne Reply
    Now I know why I'm not losing weight on this challenge! As for cup size, I didn't have much to lose there anyway.
  3. Jen Reply
    Love that pic! I don't weigh myself anymore. Just go by how I feel and how my clothes fit. And Tabata...she gained 9 pounds.
  4. Stretch Reply
    Thanks Jen, nice math Tabata, i can see all that schooling really paying off
  5. Sam N Reply
    For those who wanted to get the Rogue Speed Rope, I'm going to order them tonight and hopefully have them by early next week. They will be $22 a piece. So far I have Allison, Danielle, Tabata, Ron, and Myself.
    • Jen Reply
      I'll buy a rope too Sam.
  6. Danielle Reply
    That picture is either inspiring me, or making me feel horrible. I haven't figure out which one yet. I would like to attribute my weight increase to the weight I've been adding to my lifts. However, I know better... It could be a direct result of my lack of self control when it comes to chocolate (and sugar in general). Ugh. Sam, thanks for ordering the ropes! I'll bring money in for you tomorrow. I'm pumped since Coach helped me bring my DUs back. They were on vacation for the last two months. Jerks.
  7. Alison Reply
    At least your DU's went on vacation, Danielle. Mine have never shown up! Hopefully it is OK for me to bring the cash on Friday Sam? I will leave it after the 10am class Thanks again. This picture is pretty spot on I think. I like that her overall posture has improved too, which is something I noticed about myself early on. Weighing more and wearing larger sizes is definitely ingrained in me as a "bad" thing but I am trying to embrace the "strong is the new skinny" mentality that CrossFit promotes (versus the "fat but fit" title I have been relying on).
  8. Beth Reply
    If only this were posted before I had De Lorenzo's yesterday and leftovers today. :)
  9. Rich Reply
    Sam, I'm in for a rope.
  10. Suz @ Paleo Australia Reply
    I'd much rather have that muscle definition - the more you train, the less and less the scales mean.
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