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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 18.

Burpee total:  50

The CrossFit Open is coming up!!!  The online

crossfit competition is the biggest online

sporting event in the world.  1 wod per week

for 5 weeks you get to see how you stack up

against your fellow CFH’ers, other regional

competitors as well as the best in the world.

I want to encourage everyone who is interested

in competing to sign-up for the open.  We will

be having a link to the games site soon but for

now you can go on to and click on

the games site.  There you will be able to register.

Don’t forget to sign up under CrossFit Hamilton.

If you have any questions about competing please

let us know.

15 Minute Amrap.

15 Power Cleans #95 #65

15 Kb Swings #53 #35

15 Sit-ups

  1. Jumper Reply
    Is it ok for me sign up under cfh? I'll be home in 2 months...
  2. coach Reply
    Sure Jumper:)

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