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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 12.

Burpee total:  60

7 Rounds For Time

7 Hang Power Clean #115 #80

7 Push Press

15 Wall Ball Shots

  1. Donk Reply
    After 2 1/2 years of crossfitting, hundreds of WODS, and multiple dry heaving sessions, today, I am proud to announce, that I Donk, had my first post WOD puke session. First off, I would like to thank my family for their support, Dave for programming this WOD, whole foods for selling me tha apple and pecans that I deposited in the parking lot, and last but not least, the morning crew and Carl for pushing me to my stomachs limit. I'd also like to appologize to the horrified bus drivers who saw this all unfold. Now the only thing left I have to to do is win the 2012 games and I can retire from crossfit, knowing that I have accomplished everything that there is to accomplish.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Announcer Ted: So how did it feel to be part of such a historic day? Stretch: Well, you know i'm excited that i got to be there to witness it, especially coming from a legend at CFH like Donk. I think the five of us, me, Carl, Timmy, Dr Des and Prince are all honored to be a part of it Announcer Ted: Did you realize that you were witnessing history? Stretch: Well not really, i was just trying to finish up my WOD, and then when i finished, i realized Donk wasn't in the box, i just figured he was Timmying in the bathroom. So, no i was totally unaware of the historic nature of the day. Announcer Ted: What were your thoughts when you found out? Stretch: Well i didn't realize why there were the loud screams of excitement from the bus drivers in the parking lot, i thought maybe they were just excited that Timmy was back or something like that. Annoucer Ted: We have been told it was apples and pecans, can you confirm? Stretch: Yeah that's what i heard, there was some talk by the Crew that he was going use the remains to make the ultimate Paleo smoothie, but that's unconfirmed. Announcer Ted: So you don't know if he was going to go for the puke smoothie? Stretch: No comment. Announcer Ted: Well Stretch thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Stretch: Thanks Ted honored to be here.
  3. Nick Reply
    Oh my goodness, that is hilarious. On a more serious note, I wish I could have been there to witness Donk in all of his glory. Also, Tights, if u still check the blog, I'm sitting in the parking lot at your office (not in a creepy way) hoping to catch a glimpse of you at work to make sure you're ok! Seriously, I am.
  4. Nick Reply
    Next stop, Tabata's house...lights and sirens through the neighborhood!
  5. Dawn Reply
    OMG...falling off my chair reading this! sorry Donk that it's at your expense...too funny. love that the bus drivers got to witness that...can't make this stuff up
  6. dr. des Reply
    things i learned at crossfit today: 1. i will NEVER eat an apple pecan smoothie 2. timmy's wrist surgery was not due to a ganglion cyst, but to a 12-hour marathon of watching the female crossfit games 3. stretch enjoys stranger danger every now and again 4. DYFS stories do not leaving u feeling all happy inside
  7. Stretch Reply
    Dr Des - With that post i grant you honorary member of the morning crew. Congratulations. Morning Crew Barry (Founding Member) Carl Stretch Timmy Tabata Jumper (Non-resident Member) Tripp (Emeritus Leader) Tights (Retired Member) Trooper Nick (Retired Member)
    • Ron Reply
      Stretch, I have one bad week since September and I am out! WTF? LOL
  8. Stretch Reply
    Oops forgot Ron (Member in Training) This is not to say that anybody who works out at 6am, is not part of the Crew, you have just a daily pass. We are looking for new members, so anybody that wants to join us at 6am are welcome. Must be slightly unstable to apply
  9. Carl Reply
    well done, Stretch. Donk, I wondered what that was in the back of my truck. way to push through it this morning. great work by the entire Crew.
  10. Timmy OD Reply
    Holy Crap Stretch, I think I might have just peed a little after reading that! Well done Donk! And to DR Des well played madam!
  11. Danielle Reply
    Welcome back to the BLOG, morning crew. I was getting worried for a little while. It's nice to see some quality BLOG entertainment again. It's very much appreciated. Donk, what an impressive display of athleticism. How long did the purge take? Did you RX that shit? I hope you recorded your time on the board. Next time, think about chalking up- it might take the edge off. Thank you Donk, and the morning crew for making this very LONG stupid day much more bearable! Back to work...
  12. Sam Reply
    Great post every one very entertaining .... Hey D love the chalk mention..maybe a little After glow and muscle martini might help also I got some orange pushup and peach mango candy ¿?¿? I'll be in the back corner of the box by the GHD if you need some.... O and Dawn I'll have yours also....
  13. Donk Reply
    @ Danielle. I guess I would call it a 2 minute amrap. I managed 3 rounds of about 5 heaves each, and each round was about 3-4 ounces, just an estimate of course. Next time I'm planning on having a full breakfast in order to get my weight up:)
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