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CFH Best Shape of Your Challenge Day 11.

At Home WOD: 3 X 400 Meter Sprint, 20 Push-ups,

30 sit-ups. Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Burpee Total: Rest Day

A. Box Jump 5 X 3

Challenging box height but successful for 5 sets of 3.

B1.  Deadlift.  3RM

B2.  Deadlift  3 X 3 @90% of your 3RM

C. 3 Rounds: Max FLR on rings, 20 hollow rocks

20 ghd sit-ups.

  1. Margo Reply
    Happy Birthday Coach Dave! Forget the burpee rest day, we should all celebrate with doing a burpee for each year! (Guess I shouldn't talk since I'm not in the challenge. :P) Have a great day!
    • Linda Cuilla Reply
      Happy Birthday Coach Dave!
  2. Dawn Reply
    Happy birthday Coach!!! Cake and ice cream at the box later?
  3. Tripp Reply
    I prayed last night that Dave would be in some sort of intoxicated state, due to my new "cousin" Katye getting him completely hammered last night. Chances of that happening....slim to none. When it comes to CFH....that man is all business haha. Happy Birthday homey...You made it!!!!! finally 21!!!!! Enjoy. Miss the both of you guys. Much love from Korea.
  4. Timmy OD Reply
    Happy Birthday Dave! And a belated Congrats to both you and Katie on your engagement! I guess my birthday present to you guys was coming back to the morning crew. I was great being back in the box again, although I will likely be in pain tomorrow morning.
  5. Sam N Reply
    Happy Birthday Coach Dave!!
  6. Leslie Cortina Reply
    Joe: Dave said you were looking for a good Paleo cookbook. Paleo Comfort Foods by Mayfield is a great cookbook with color photos of all of the recipes. There are also some good online recipe sites, but it's great having a good reference on your bookshelf.
  7. Rich Reply
    Happy Birthday!, Coach.
  8. Jen Reply
    Happy Birthday Coach! Hope you had a great day and an even better year!

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