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Burpee Total: Rest!!

5 Rounds

15 Ball Slams #20 #10

15 OHS #75 #55

400 Meter Run (2 Laps)

  1. Karin Reply
    Hi There-- I have been craving Splenda in my tea as I have been drinling it black and it is nasty. Dave suggested to put organic honey in it instead. Love it! Just need to know if I need to dedcut a point from my daily Paleo score and how much of it can I have a day if there is no deduction? Thanks--Karin PS--No Burpees today--hooray!
  2. Leslie Reply
    Karin-you should try Good Earth tea. It is a spicy, naturally sweet blend that needs nothing to sweeten it!
  3. Rich Reply
    Coach, how many alcoholic drinks is a bottle of wine?
  4. Nick Reply
    That depends Rich...did you chalk up before drinking the bottle of wine? If so, its less of a deduction.
    • Rich Reply
      Nick, I did. However, when I yelled "Time!", there were two empty bottles.
  5. dr. des Reply
    a normal sized bottle of wine is 4 glasses
  6. Rich Reply
    Thanks, Doc. -4 is not too bad.
  7. Leslie Reply
    Why not just use a bigger wine glass?

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