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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 5!!

Burpee Total:  25  At the bottom of each burpee

perform 2 push-ups.  No snaking!!


What makes a successful crossfit box or gym is exactly what makes a sports team or organization successful.  Leadership, commitment, camaraderie, accountability, belief.  These are all things that a great team or organization have in common.  I know everyone is not a football fan but if you happen to watch the games this past weekend what you saw was 4 teams absolutely playing their hearts out to win.  In my opinion what the 4 teams had in common were committed coaches and players who believed in each other but also held each other accountable.  It’s your best effort or nothing at all, and there is no cutting corners.  This is how we run our gym!!  I demand your best every day you come in and that doesn’t mean I want you to go all out until you puke all over my floor.  It means come in focused and prepared, with the mindset to get better.  Hold yourself accountable to follow the standards to the best of your ability and demand the same out of your teammates.  I know it sounds a little corny but we are a team and a team is only as good as it’s weakest link.  The stuff that I’ve seen lately in the gym just puts a smile on my face.  Actually it’s more like a grin because I know that the athletes in our gym are doing things that no body else can.  I’m really proud of every one of you and would stack you guys up against any other gym crossfit or not.  Demand more out of yourself and be relentless in the approach to get better.  I have a lot to learn as a coach and leader but I can guarantee I’m not gonna stop trying to be better.


For Time

15 Calorie Row

20 Burpees

30 Db Ground To Overhead #45 #35

40 Ring Push-Ups

50 Wall Ball Shots

600 Meter Run (3)

  1. Dawn Reply
    This is why I love CFH so much! Thank you Dave for being who you are, for being such an amazing coach and driving us everyday to be better!!! I sooooo appreciate it all. And I appreciate everyone on this CFH team that inspires me each day to be better, stronger, healthier. CFH has changed my life, in and out of the gym!
  2. dr. des Reply
    good morning for a run outside! i know my weights have been low this week, but i'm working through this shoulder thing. i don't want to stop training.....i'll just have to modify what i'm doing! i'm 2 days sugar-free and have had a million doubts go through my head that i can't do this paleo challenge....but the support and words of encouragement from the CFH crew have reinforced my willpower. thank u so much!!!
  3. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Amen to that Dawn. Best thing I ever did for myself was join CFH. I love it there and love the people and am so proud of myself everytime I walk out of that place.
  4. Danielle Reply
    Coach, the new box, new challenge, inspirational posts... I mean, how much better can it get! I feel so lucky every day that I'm part of something so amazing. It's hard to explain to other people when they ask you about "this crossfit thing." It's so much more than a WOD. The box has turned into my stress reliever, therapy session, party facility, and basically my "happy place." When I fall apart (i.e. Christmas cookies or crappy snatches) I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. You have created a positive, motivating environment and filled it with amazing people. Thank you. Thank you (and the other coaches) for making the commitment to us and for pushing us to be better at everything. WE APPRECIATE YOU!
  5. Sam N Reply
    I can say as of late I've been extremely happy with my performance. I asked you in the first couple weeks of starting at CFH what I needed to do to be able to do muscle ups. Four months of hard work later, I can finally do them consistently. I truly appreciate all the hard work and advice you've given in my time here. Coach you are BadAss!
  6. Dawn Reply
    p.s. what's snaking?
    • Greg P Reply
      Dawn, snaking up on the push-ups is when you push your upper body up from the bottom position but leave your hips down(essentially putting yourself in the "Cobra" yoga position) and then raising your hips up afterwards. It is much easier than a correct/strict push-up, as you are not supporting the weight of your hips or lower body as you push up from the bottom position. Hope that clears it up. Also, to echo today's post, I just want to say how impressed I am by each of you every time I'm at CFH. You guys are awesome.
  7. Dawn Reply
    thanks Greg!

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